How an Improper Prescription Can Wreak Havoc on Your Vision

When you put off getting the vision care you need or wear an old pair of glasses that is no longer effective, you could be doing more damage to your eye health than you realize. Your eyes must work extra hard as you strain to see through an old pair of glasses. You could end up with a stronger prescription than you would have otherwise once you schedule an appointment for an updated eyeglass prescription in Jacksonville, FL.

Make It a Point to Have Your Vision Checked Every Two Years

The American Optometric Association advises healthy adults between the ages of 18 and 64 to schedule a full eye exam every other year. Children need more frequent visits due to changes to their eye structure, as do adults with certain optometric conditions like glaucoma, diabetes, or cataracts. Be sure to work out an eye exam schedule that works best with your current eye health.

Signs That You May Need to Replace Your Current Eyeglasses

Vision changes happen slowly over time, so you aren’t likely to notice them all at once. We recommend that you schedule a vision check appointment if you notice one or more of these issues:

  • Blurry vision
  • Frequent eye strain after driving, reading, or using the computer
  • You no longer have crispness or clarity to your sight

Sometimes, people can have blurry vision in one eye without realizing it because the other eye compensates for it. Try covering up one of your eyes and looking through the other eye to determine if anything looks blurry.

Request an Eye Exam in Jacksonville, FL Today

Stam & Associates cares about our patients and doesn’t want to see anyone needlessly suffer. Please schedule an appointment right away if you’re concerned that you could be experiencing vision changes and could benefit from stronger corrective lenses.

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