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The Dangers of Blue Light  

Today, blue light is everywhere. Before the advent of mobile devices, laptops and cell phones, the majority of people were only exposed to minimal blue light from televisions. However, blue light is pervasive right now. Your eye doctor in Jacksonville, FL wants you to know about the dangers of blue light so that you can […]

Signs Your Contact Lenses Need to be Evaluated

Your glasses are important, and so are your contact lenses. In many scenarios, contact lenses need to be worn to limit the potential safety hazards of wearing glasses, such as playing sports or engaging in other strenuous activities. Whether you’re changing your prescription or getting your first set of contact lenses, it’s time to visit […]

Do You Need Neurolenses? This FAQ Can Help You Decide

Do you need prescription eye glasses from an eye doctor in Jacksonville FL? Neurolenses may be the right choice for you! These prescription eyeglasses feature a special design to correct common alignment problems. At Stam & Associates Eye Care, we can help you determine whether you’re a good candidate for neurolenses. Here’s what you need […]

3 Reasons to Get Prescription Sunglasses this Summer  

Do you have prescription lenses? If you rely on prescription lenses throughout the day but don’t have prescription sunglasses, you could be missing out on opportunities to protect your eyes while enjoying fun in the sun. Prescription sunglasses are beneficial in many ways. As your eye doctor in Jacksonville, FL, we can help you get […]