What Causes Sparkles?

If you start seeing sparkles in your vision, it isn’t cause for celebration. Sparkles only appear in your field of vision when something is amiss. It’s not necessarily time to panic, but you should visit yourJacksonville, FL, optometrist and let the eye doctor know the circumstances when you see sparkles. The sooner the underlying cause can be determined, the earlier treatment can begin. Here are some of the potential causes of sparkles:


Many migraine sufferers report seeing sparkles before the migraine comes on. The migraine itself may be short-lived, but if it causes problems with vision, you should avoid activities such as driving. You should also get an eye exam to determine if something is happening inside your eyes that causes the migraines.

Posterior Vitreous Detachment (PVD)

As people age, the vitreous humor inside the eye can shrink and pull away from the retina, leading to PVD. This condition can cause flashes of light or sparkles, particularly in the peripheral vision. While PVD is usually not serious, it can sometimes lead to retinal detachment, which is a medical emergency. This is why you should always contact your eye doctor if you see sparkles.


Diabetes can cause the person to see sparkles in their field of vision, too. In fact, it’s sometimes an early warning sign of the onset of diabetes. Visit your eye doctor in Jacksonville, FL, for a diabetic eye exam. Unmanaged diabetes can lead to partial or full vision loss, so the sooner you have it diagnosed, the better your odds.

Retinal Detachment

This is a severe condition where the retina peels away from its underlying layer of support tissue, and symptoms include sudden flashes of light or sparkles. The condition often happens suddenly after eye trauma from a sports injury or auto accident. Retinal detachment requires immediate medical intervention to prevent permanent vision loss.

Sparkles are also a warning to get checked out by an eye doctor. Hopefully, the reason will be something that is easily treated. To book your appointment, contact us today.

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