Do You Need Neurolenses? This FAQ Can Help You Decide

Do you need prescription eye glasses from an eye doctor in Jacksonville FL? Neurolenses may be the right choice for you! These prescription eyeglasses feature a special design to correct common alignment problems. At Stam & Associates Eye Care, we can help you determine whether you’re a good candidate for neurolenses. Here’s what you need to know. 

What Are Neurolenses?

Neurolenses are a type of prescription eyeglasses. Neurolenses correct alignment issues in the eyes with a contoured prism. If you suffer from eye misalignment, neurolenses can help. 

How Do Neurolenses Work?

Neurolens eyeglasses are much like standard eyeglasses, but with a contoured prism that corrects misalignment. To prescribe neurolenses for patients, the eye doctor must use a specialized instrument to measure the patient’s eye misalignment. These tests help the glasses lab to create a customized lens that will address the patient’s symptoms.

Some great things about neurolenses:

  • A neurolens can be added to any pair of prescription eyeglasses.  
  • Neurolenses can even be added to non-prescription eyeglasses. This is a good option for any patients who don’t need prescription lenses but still experience symptoms that can be corrected by neurolenses. 

Who Needs Neurolenses?

If you suffer from eye misalignment, you could benefit from neurolenses. You may also benefit from neurolenses if you spend a lot of time working with digital devices like computers. If you enjoy gaming or spend long hours with handheld devices for other reasons, you may benefit from neurolenses. People who want neurolenese often have neck and shoulder pain, headaches and eye strain. 

Interested in Neurolenses? Call Today

If you spend a lot of time in front of computers, or if you suffer from eye misalignment, then your doctor at Stam & Associates Eye Care can help you get neurolenses in Jacksonville, FL. Call today to make an appointment. 


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