3 Signs Your Prescription Glasses Don’t Fit Properly

How comfortable are your glasses? Many people have to rely on glasses for clear vision, but many people also complain about discomfort. In reality, a good, well-fitting pair of eyeglasses should barely be detectable by what they feel like on your face. Take a look at a few signs it may be necessary to visit an optical solutions center in Jacksonville, FL, for adjustments or a new pair of frames.

You consistently have to readjust your glasses.

You may continuously have to push your glasses up your nose because they keep sliding. Or, you may have to adjust the arms of the glasses over your ears to keep them in place when you move your head. Well-fitting eyeglasses should stay comfortably in place even when you look down or move your head around a bit.

You feel a lot of pain or pressure above your ears.

Without question, your eyeglasses should fit snugly against the sides of your head when you slip the arms (also referred to as temples) over your ears. However, this snugness should never be so much that you feel any discomfort. This may mean the frames need to be adjusted to properly fit your face.

Your glasses leave uncomfortable indentations on your nose.

Eyeglasses have either nose pads attached to pad arms or built-in pads that rest on the bridge of the nose. In either case, this area should simply rest on your nose comfortably without sliding or leaving uncomfortable indentions on your skin. If you experience any discomfort along the bridge of your nose, it may be a sign that you need your frames adjusted or possibly a different frame style.

Find Full-Service Optical Solutions in Jacksonville, FL

Ready to find out why your glasses don’t feel good on your face? Be sure to talk to an optician in Jacksonville, FL, about your issue. Reach out to the team at Stam & Associated eye care to schedule an appointment.

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